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Washington D.C.

  • The White House

  • The U.S.Capitol

  • The National Cathedral

  • The Mall

  • Jefferson Memorial

  • Lincoln Memorial

  • The Holocaust Memorial

  • Smithsonian Museums

  • The Kennedy Center

Our nation’s capital is a popular educational tour destination because of its numerous historical sites, seats of government and Smithsonian museums. Students gain a more in-depth understanding about how our government works and makes American history tangible by the many attractions they will visit. ​


Discover Washington D.C. in classic landmarks like the National Archives and the National World War II Memorial. Experience the energy of D.C. by visiting the National Mall or the CSI Experience at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment.


You cannot say that you’ve been to Washington D.C. without visits to the Lincoln Memorial, The White House, the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument with its iconic reflecting pool. In addition, Washington D.C. boasts a wealth of unique museums and cultural events. Your group can also visit the world-renowned Smithsonian museums– American History Museum, National History Museum, Air and Space Museum, among others. ​


This city provides an amazing experience for your group, whether it is an educational tour group, graduation trip or performance exposure.

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