With our wide range of finance industry resources, groups enjoy an in-depth session with a successful Finance professional. This program introduces the skills and knowledge needed to adapt in the fast paced changes of the financial environment. (1.5 hrs)

World of Finance


Groups meet with advertising executives from prominent agencies to learn valuable details about the industry and its influence on today's consumers. (1 hr)

Power of Advertising


Learn the business side of Fashion as it relates to current forecasts, trends and designs. Students meet with a dynamic fashion expert and hear personal career path stories, runway anecdotes, and how to approach competition in the global world of Fashion. (1 hr)

Fashion Scoop


Meet an established media professional working in the film or tv industry. Participants will leave with a detailed understanding of the current media landscape and how it can be used to jumpstart a career in the field. (1 hr)

Media & Design


Your group will meet a successful executive in the music industry. Learn about career options, necessary training and how to get your foot in the door of this competitive industry. (1 hr)

Music Business

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