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Chicago is one of the most bustling and energetic cities of the Midwest, and attracts millions of visitors and tourists every year. As one of America’s great cities, it is a diverse, vibrant place with its own distinctive identity. Chicago has a lot to offer – from its world-class museums, fantastic shopping, eventful arts and culture scene to its historic architecture.

“The Bean” or also known as The Cloud Gate is a sculpture in Millennium Park that amuses every visitor as they distort yourselves and the cityscape behind it. Many tourists visit this landmark as it gives the viewer a different perspective of the city’s skyline through its reflection.

The city’s admired waterfront is also one of the most beautiful features of Chicago’s cityscape. Together with the Navy Pier’s restaurants and retail shops, it offers a great perspective of the city from the Great Lake Michigan. For foodies, Chicago’s own style of pizza, the deep dish, is a widely popular treat for visitors and is said to rival New York’s own world-renowned pizza pies.

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